I'm Manuel Diera "Manny"

A Project Manager, Web Developer and Java Apprentice.


Below is a list of projects I have recently worked on.

Mendoza's Tire Shop

is a website I built for a small business located in Dallas,TX. It is a brochure website built with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP for the backend. Click on the image to visit the site.

Also just completed NEOYORKINO PIZZA's website, tools used were HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.
Currently pending client's hosting and I'm currently working on a Java Web Scraper for a small but very specific job board.

Another interesting project that I am currently building is a Rails Job Board, it's built with Ruby on Rails and being developed by myself while working closely with recruiters and hiring managers. The goal is a very easy to use web-app that takes into consideration the needs of recruiters and applicants alike. Click on the image for a video clip of the project.

Mendoza's Tire Shop

Mendoza's Tire Shop

Java Scraper Project

Java Web Scraper





Youtube video clip of project in Manuel Diera's channel

Rails Job Board

Nelli's Cleaning Services LLC

About Me

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What can I say,,, I'm 27, happily married and spend a good 80% of my days in front of my computer coding or reading about coding and the latest languages/projects on the web.

At the moment I am working on building a recruiting site that I hope to have up and running within the next couple of months(Rails Job board above). Really enjoy learning and building test sites on my free time.


Thank you for stopping by and checking out my projects, I look forward to being in touch and working together in the future.
Let me know if you have any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.